Tuesday, 22 May 2012

One Item; 3 ways

Hey lovely!  I love the featured dress in this post, you can wear it in so many ways! I love the colour and the simple style. I need it in my life!!

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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday review week 16;

Hey you lovely people!, I finally did my review on time! I had a fun week, got to see my boyfriend, I don't get to see him much since he moved! It sucks but at least I get to see him now and again.
We went to Burger King and did a spot of clothes shopping (for him, not me, boo!) and went to a pet store, Oh I LOVE them, I just wanna buy everything in the shop! I love animals so so much!!

I didn't bake anything this week, I'm full of cold yet again! Coughing and barking all day and my chest and sides really hurt! But my Mam make an AMAZING carrot and lemon cake, which was so sooooo good!

Until next week, hope you all take care!

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Monday, 14 May 2012

Saturday Review 14 & 15;

Okay! First off I'm sorry I didn't do any of my review on time, I have been super duper busy with this social life that came outta know where haha! I've loved it so much though, it's been awesome seeing all my old friends which I aint saw in years! This is a heavy picture post but I thought it'd put both weekends in, I swear  this week will be on time! :)

Until next time, take care!!

I went to an Ann Summers party over the weekend and also went out on the town! this is what I wore and how I did my make up, I don't normally wear dresses, but this Animal print dress was super comfy and I love it! Was from New Look if anyone is interested. :) My make up is really simple, with a bold red lip, which I LOVE! I love how long my hair is, hasn't been this long in years! I had so much fun catching up with my old school friends! I haven't danced so much in ages! Paying for it now though, hah! (There is a whole load of pictures on my Facebook, just click my FB link and see them!!)

My Aunts Kitteh, Pebbles! She's super duper lovely.

I love looking outside my window at night, the sky looks super pretty ^_^

I baked Cinnamon with white melted chocolate, and blackberries, sprinkles and a touch of icing sugar on top! Was really good!

Mini Jammie Dodger, So cute!

All Pictures from here are for the 14th Review :)

This dinner was yummy! I went out for lunch with my old next-door neighbour who I haven't seen in ages!
We went to a little place called "Starters" in Middlesbrough, This was like a bbq chicken dish, I can't remember the name of it! I also had these amazing chunky chips (I forgot to take a picture oops!) we didn't get afters! Which I should of! But we went to McDonald's because it would of been to late to go back! We got a Mcflurry, Think it was a brownie one? Either way I had a lovely weekend with her! 

I made these yummy chocolate and ginger cupcakes! <3

Strawberries and Cream, With rice krispie treats! yummmmy!

Finally put my duvet covers on which my Sister bought me for Christmas, I love the look of it, so cute!
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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Mini Haul; Primark & Barry M Polish

Hey lovelies! Sorry I didn't do my Saturday review post, I was super busy! But I will include it with this weeks review :)
I did a spot of shopping to cheer myself up a bit, I din't get a lot but so I didn't know whether to post, but I thought I might as well! Hope you all are well and happy!

Scarf - Primark - £3
I love this so much, such a lovely print! And it's so cheap and so soft! Light weight and a pop to a simple outfit.

 Ring - Primark - £2
I LOVE this ring, it looks like rose gold, I think it's super good quality considering the cheap price!
Ring same as before and Nails is shown at the top picture ^^
Nail Varnish - Barry M @ Boots - Nail Effect - £3.99 - Mint Green Polish - £2.99
If you go to Boots now, you save £1 if you get any two Barry M Varnish!

 I'm such a sucker when I see cute things to buy when I'm waiting to pay for things, I've heard of these "Lip Smackers" before and I always wanted to try them out, I thought because they are only £1 from Primark they wouldn't smell like the drink, but it totally does! Smells exactly like the drink, and it's such a good lip balm, says put all day (well most of the day) keeps my lips super soft, I love it! I need to get more! and at only a £1 a "pop! (see what I did there! hehe) you can't go wrong!

What's your favourite lip balm? let me know in the comments below! :)

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