Monday, 23 December 2013

Last Minute Christmas Gifts! (Under £20!)

hey you lovely people! I made this post for all you people who leave your Christmas gifts to the last minute, I noticed ASOS has lots of lovely stocking filler ideas! AND they will post tonight for Christmas! Head over there now for last minute ideas! 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas wishlist; Beauty!

I have SO much I want for Christmas when it comes to Make up! But I narrowed it down to these few! and the odd bath and shower products, cause you can never have too many!
Not long now! :D

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas Wishlist; ASOS Fashion!

Hey guys! Here is my fashion wishlist for Christmas! I'll be going on nights out a lot more so, I need new outfits for the festive season! 
I've been loving body cons so much lately, they suck you in and give you such good shape! 
What item is your favorite from my wishlist? Let me know! All these are from Asos Curve & Shoes!
Later today I'll be posting my beauty wish list, and it's gonna be huge! I'm gonna be getting rid of most of my makeup and start again, so if you can recommend me anything that's budget and awesome, let me know in the comments below or tweet me! 

Hope you enjoy my little wish list! 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Boohoo Plus Size Picks!!

Hey! Long time no talk! I have a few days off from my courses, So I can finally blog! and how AMAZING is Boohoo's new Plus size range? I'm over the moon they have finally added plus size! The clothes look amazing, I will deffanlty be buying as the prices are so good, I've always wanted to order from Boohoo but couldn't cos they only did small sizes! The range isn't that big, But I'm hoping they will add more soon! Good job Boohoo, You will be seeing an outfit post soon when I order in the next coming weeks! 

Have you lovely plus size ladies seen the range? What are your thoughts?

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Ebay Wishlist #9

Hello! it's been a while! You know when you just don't know what to blog about and get stuck? Yep! That's me!
I had to a post, it looks like I went AWOL! I'm on lots of courses and been so busy, all I've did is sleep!  Back to normal soon I swear! I got 2 more courses coming up, Friday, All day re-newing my health and hygiene and after that, Two weeks of getting my NVQ in Social care! Wish me luck! So I have not forgot you guys, I'm trying to sort my life out! 
Well this post is simple, I love Ebay and  I need a new going out outfit, I love everything about this outfit, and isn't that clutch just AMAZING?!
Talk and post soon! :)

Monday, 28 October 2013

My Little life #3&4

Hey you lovely lot!
How are you all?
Sorry I missed one of my little life, I had all that nano-virus and spent most of last week puking and sleeping, was awful! Feel loads better now though! :)
Only Exciting thing that happened last week was my first order from Avon in years (Review coming soon!!)

Last week was so much better! Fianlly got out the house, met up with my best friend and slept over her house, had pizza and some booze, was nice to get out! Also FINALLY got a new phone after having my HTC for years, and I'm in love! I got the Sony Xperia in Red, It's amazing, so fast, I can play games on my phone! YAY! The picture quality is amazing. Over the moon.
Also ordered my Halloween costume on Friday, should be arriving tomorrow! First ever thing I've bought from Ebay, Let's say I'm a little late! But better late than never I say!

I'm going as Zombie Alice, Gonna practice my Make up over my best friends tomorrow, so so excited!
What are you going out for Hallowen? I love Halloween so much! 

So all in all, I had a good two weeks (Minus the sickness) I love my new phone and I love my Halloween costume! I'll upload tons of pictures on Friday, I'm busy All this week so won't be a post up till Friday! I'm on a few days course to better myself for a job! Hope you are all ok! I know I keep missing out on #bbloggers, I've just been sick and a tad busy! 

Monday, 7 October 2013

My Little Life #2

Hiii! I know I've missed a few Monday's! Oops! Sorry, I'm back on track now, Life got in the way, I've been full of cold for ages! That's when you know Summer has gone, full blown cold for a week! Lovely.
So what have I been up to these past few weeks? To be honest, not much..
I had a night out with a few friends, My red lipstick went all over and I looked like the Joker from Batman, Fell over and I still have bruises all over, Sign of a good night out huh? I had fun!
Few weeks back, If you follow me on Twitter I won a gift worth £125 from Specsavers, And got some designer glasses! Thing is, Within 2 weeks they broke while I was cleaning them! So I had to pick another because the one's I had where Limited Edition! Either way, I picked another and I adore them! I love the colour, the snazzy sides! They suit my personality so well, I love bright colours!
I haven't really been up to much, But I'm going to Bingo on Friday with friends and a few drinks after! But I'll post that on Monday, I need to stick to a routine! It's getting bad with blog post's!
I reaalllly need my hair cutting, It's been ages, I look after my hair but.. I hate getting it cut! It's the first time in years it's been this long, any one else like that? Can't get it cut because I don't trust hair dressers haha!
I will try and be more eventful this week, I swear I'm not a bore, I just forget to take pictures! 
I will also be doing baking posts once a week, if anyone would like that? Seems like fun!

Until next Monday, take care!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Deborah Milano "Glossissmo No 3";

Hey you lovely people!
I'm over the moon with this post, I won an amazing lip gloss from a comp I won a few weeks back, it's the perfect pink gloss ever! And I love my glosses so winning this made me so excited! So Thank you so much Gemma!

It's from a brand I've heard so much about, and everyone so far has been right, amazing product and I can't wait to try more and review for your guys! None sticky, the glitter in it doesn't hurt my lips like most glosses do! Shiny and long lasting! I adore it!The packaging is super lovely too! The 3D shine on this gloss makes my lips look super plump, which is a plus for me because my lips aint that full, now they look amazing! Doesnt dry my lips, super creamy! Smell is fruity but not over powering, what more could you ask for in a lip gloss? I'm sold!

Friday, 27 September 2013


Hey guys! 22nd of September (My birthday!) I went to my very first #bbloggers meet up! It was hosted at Mink in Middlesbrough, I loved it! I wanna go to another one soon as I can haha!
The people where so so lovely, had a good old natter!
The lovely jewery you can see below is PrettyTwisted, amazing products and super cute!
This post is pretty picture heavy! Enjoy!
Was lots of prizes to win, so much fun! And an awesome goodie bag!
Good job Megan! :D

Monday, 23 September 2013

No7 Ballerina Beauty Purse! (Won)

Hey hey lovely people! I have a picture heavy post I'm afraid! A few weeks back my town had a little fashion show (I even walked on the cat walk, next blog post haha!!) And No7 where doing testers on the new Stay Perfect Foundation which I won also, You can see it in my last blog post. Because I asked to get matched, I got a good bag! I wasn't even expecting anything so when I had a look in I was shocked! I didn't picture the day cream because I posted that also in my last post!

This is the beauty pure all the goodies came in, so cute!

No7 Fanomenal Eye Palette, Extreme length mascara in Black, Stay Perfect Eye shadow top in Forest Fruits, Moisture Lipstick in Mulberry.

This lipstick is so so pretty on! Super smooth, doesn't dry out my lips, lasts for hours! I love these shades for my lips, super lovely! The pigment is so true to the swatch!

The eye shadow is such a lovely frosted brown/purple colour, glides on the eye well, and that's even with out a primer! I love using this eye shadow on its own, with a simple cat eyeliner, it's such an amazing shade!

Look at how lovely these colours are! such girly and soft colours, You can make so many looks with these four shades, super soft, and I love the mirror in the palate, makes putting my eye shadow on so simple! So elegant! Top marks from me!

I just want to say Thank you very much Boots; (No7 In Hartlepool For these wonderful products, I adore them!) 

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