Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Liebster Award;

Hey you lovely lot, I was nominated for the "Liebster Award" from the lovely Ash Blog, I have seen so many of these floating around so I'm glad I got tagged to do it, so thank you Ash! I know a few bloggers that totally deserve more followers!
The Rules!
You must answer the 11 questions set by the blogger who nominated you.

You yourself must then pick 11 blogs with under 200 followers to also be nominated for the award.

You must think up 11 questions for these nominees to answer & also notify them.

You must link back to the blogger who nominated you for the award. 

Ash's Questions:

1 | Who was the first blogger you got hooked on? My first Blogger I got hooked on was a youtuber! Dulce Candy! Love love love her fashion!

2 | What is your favorite perfume? Far Away Perfume from Avon, I've adored it for years!

3 | What item could you not leave the house without? Lipstick, I love a bold lippy, Even if I'm out and don't wear make up, I need lip balm, I have such dry lips all the time!

4 | Favourite make up brand? Barry M. Love this make up brand for many years!

5 | Favorite jewelry piece? This Star necklace, I love it! (Picture is a few years old!)

6 | What advise would you give to bloggers who are starting out? Have fun! That's what it's all about, And if you have Twitter make sure you do the #bbloggers Chat every Wed N Sun at 8pm, I've met loads of amazing bloggers! #bbloggers chat (Link)

7 | Favorite summer nail polish? So hard to pick one! Barry M "Shocking pink" so bright and wonderful with a tan!

8 | Most worn clothing piece? Hate to say it but, Leggings, So cosy! Don't worry my I make sure I wear long tops and such.

9 | Fake eyelashes or Natural? Natural, I can't put fake eyelashes on, They feel weird and heavy!

10 | Barry M or Essie? Barry M! So affordable! and amazing. So much to choose from.

11 | Favourite colours to wear in the Spring/Summer? Bright! Coral, Red, Yellow, Pink.

I Tag:

1. Clara
2. Nikki
4. Emma
5. Rosie
6. Lauren
7. Ambi
8. Becky
9. Brianna
10. Lucy
11. Emily

My 11 Questions;

1. Why do you blog?
2. High Street OR High end Make up?
3. What is your favorite lipstick at the moment and why?
4. Winter or Summer fashion?
5. Can you go out the house without wearing ANY make up?
6. Worst beauty habit?
7. Favorite way to wear your make up?
8. What is your skin care routine?
9. Bold lipstick or natural? 
10. Favorite make up item?
11. Worst hair stylehair cut you've EVER had?

There you go! Thank you again Ash!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Essie Nail Polish "Orange, Its Obvious"

Hello you lovely lot! Hope you are all well!
I went shopping yesterday and looked into my local TJ Hughes, I had no idea they did make up and all sorts at such affordable prices! I was in there for like an hour wondering what to pick, then I spotted an Essie polish for less than £2!!!! I had to double take, I've never owned an Essie polish because it's out of my price range, but when I saw this beaut for £1.99 I knew I had to get it, It's a stunning colour, The retail price is like  £7 or more for a normal priced polish, I'm over the moon! I picked up some other goodies I want to review, Should be on the blog in a few days! I'm for sure going to check out TJ Hughes again!

Do you have a TJ Hughes? What are you thoughts on the shop?

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