Saturday, 28 April 2012

Saturday Review week 13;

Hello guys! Today has been super stressful for me and my boyfriend, He got made redundant with his job, so he had to move back to his Mothers, Which is sad because it's like an hour or so from me, it's gonna suck because I went from seeing him nearly everyday for 5ish years, to not hardly seeing him a all, it's gonna be super duper hard for me! But hopefully he will find a place with his Brother, they can get settled then I can move in with them, so praying they find a new place soon!!

Well this week wasn't really eventful, Spent most of it helping Le Boyo with packing and moving, had a little sit down this afternoon with my lunch and mags, so I'm chilled just browsing the internetz! I'm gonna watch CSI Miami later, I'm almost up-to-date! I've been watching the episodes in order since Jan! Haha I LOVE IT! 

Until next week, Take care and keep smiling! :D

This is what I do every week, Minus the Heat mag, was outta stock! Boo!!
Egg Mayo! Om nom nom.
My Mam made low in fat scones! I put it with low fat cream and jam! 
Been trying to eat more healthier, Slowly doing it, If I rush into losing weight, I always get bored and end up quitting, if I do it slow I get more results, if you get me? :)
Fragrant Brown Rice, With Breaded Chicken, Salad is Lettuce, Carrots and Radish, I made the dressing myself with, dark soy sauce, rock salt and a pinch of garlic powder, Was really yummy!
Yummy Fab Lolly

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday Review Week 12;

Hey hey! This week has flown by! and it's been raining none stop all week, where has the sun gone?! 
I know it's all about April Showers but geez! Ahaha I always moan when it's Summer it's too warm, but then when it rains it want the sun back! Can't win!
I got rid of my never ending cold, to get a bladder infection so I'm on medication for that, but I'm not gonna let it get to me, Even though today I have been a little grumpy because I didn't sleep AT all all night! Fell asleep at like 8am, Slept till like 2pm so I'm glad I slept at long last! I always get sick in 3's! It's awful but that's life eh! I'm thinking of dip dying my hair but I'm not too sure, I used to dye it funky colours for years then stopped, I haven't dyed it in about a year which is AMAZING for me haha, I aint had my hair cut in so long enough, Since last September! eep.. I don't want it cutting because this is the longest it's been in years! But I know I really need too! I do look after it with a hair mask once a week and I don't use that much heat on it so I guess that helps! 

Rainy days waiting at the bus stop.. I'm sure I heard ducks! haha..

My Cute Teddies, Yes I'm 24 but they are so adorable! 
I love baking cupcakes, So I got this Cupcake tin with cute recipes with it, Can't wait to try them out.

Until next time, take care :)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Etsy Cravings;

Hello you lovely lot, I've been loving the 50's trend, It's super lovely, Here is a little list I made of things I really want! I've always loved the vintage looks, If only I could pull it off! :P

What is your favourite genre? 

Monday, 16 April 2012

Wish List: Bright and Neon;

Hey guys! I'm finally feeling like my self! Here is my wish list this week, So many trends, neon and bright is my favourite! You can dress it up, or keep it really simple yet trendy.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Saturday Review Week 11.

Hello guys, I'm still very much full of cold, and it's getting worse :(
I cheered myself up this week by baking cupcakes and a key lime pie, I've gave my boyfriend and my family the cold, it's so bad.. I've had it almost 2 weeks and I've tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it. It's getting me so down. Enjoy the pictures of yumminess! Haha. 
Until next time, take care!!

What do you like to bake? 

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Wishlist: Bedroom Inspiration;

Hey guys! Just a quick post on what I want/need for my room! I can't wait to get it finished! :)
I want it to be simple, but with hints of greens and yellows, My last post I posted a pic of my Dresser, But when it's all done I'll take a full picture of my room! 
I still need a new carpet and I'll get that soon, already picked one out! I love decorating, it's so relaxing and I love it when it turns out awesome! I love a comfy, elegant room. :)

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Saturday Review Week 10.

Hello lovely people! How you lot doing? SO SO SORRY I've been MIA this week, Yet again I'm ill, full of cold! It's nearly gone but I got this huge headache! I really wanted to do a trend report and wish list but I was just so tired and no energy! 
But I will be doing a wish list Tomorrow for sure! And also doing my every day make up!

SO This week as been fair, I finally got a new vanity/dresser (In the pictures below) and I love it!
My Mam surprised me with it, Only £40 from a Charity shop! Only has like two marks on it, so I can't complain :) I do need some other stuff to finish my room, And I'll post what I need in my wish list tomorrow.

My Dad got me a cute little Hello Kitty Easter Egg, (I ate it last week, oops!) And it came with a cute HK bag (It's for kid's so it's super small, but looks cute right?!)

My sister did my nails in these like sticker form, they were pretty but didn't last very long, All the same I'm gonna buy some more, maybe another kind of one, to see if they last longer than them! I'm not good at painting my nails, I shake a lot and end up messing them up!

I've been spending time with my Dad doing shopping, A good way to get free meals! ahah, I got Fish And Chips from ASDA, I don't really like the service there sometimes, I Didn't ask for Gravy on my Mushy Pea's but she didn't listen! Either way it was SO good, I couldn't finish it, there was soooo much left over! 

ALSO! I got Instagram! woo! I've been waiting for it to go on Android for ages, So happy I've got it! 
If you have Instagram, My user is Juffzz  Add me if you can! :)

Until next time, take care. :)

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