Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Monday, 27 February 2012

Wish List: Prints;

I love a bold print, how about you? What's your favourite print? Mine is flowers and hearts!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Saturday Review Week 4.

Hello lovely people! how we all doing? I'm great! The weather is getting warmer (Sort of) and I can hear the birds chirping away happily. :) As you may know I've been doing bits and bobs in my room, and I got these lovely light up flowers that I put around my mirror! It's so cute, I got it from BnM, I don't normal go there but lately I've been obsessed with buying cute stuff for my room! good quality at a low price, Can't beat it!
I haven't been up to much this week, some old friends got in touch with me which was nice! had a good old chat with them.. :)
I've been looking for a Vanity table for months, I will find one! I want a vintage looking one, with a build in mirror but not £10000 to get one! Haha, I have been hitting the charity shop but most of the Vanity tables are really worn and old.. But I'm gonna keep looking for one! The wii fitness is going good, But I don't trust the scales on it, First time I stepped on it, it said I gained 14, then the next I lost 14 or something, Which is strange! But I'm still doing it.. It's so fun! Got my sister playing too.  So sorry it's another boring week for me! Next week will be better when I have money! I want to try Nando's (I'm sad to say I've never been!)
Until next time, Take care!

Flower lights - £3.99 - BnM

Sunday, 19 February 2012

A late Saturday review!

Oops! I'm a tad late on this! I was busy yesterday! I need to focus on my weight because it's getting out out of control, I'm not gonna say how much I weigh yet.. Because it makes me feel disgusted on how much I weigh, But my Mother got me the wii fit plus yesterday, I really need to lose weight for myself because I'm sick of feeling bloated, tired and just awful.. I know how much I need to lose but it's gonna take time.. Which I don't mind aslong as I lose the weight and be fit, at my age I shouldn't be tired walking round the corner!
I know in past blog post I said I was gonna start in Jan, I'm late on that but at least I'm gonna do it now.

Has anyone got tips? healthy meals and snacks? I'd love to know!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Wish List: Pastel + Bows;

Hey Lovelies! How you lot doing today? I'm super tired lately! I don't know what's up with me! Hopefully It's just nothing. Anywho here is my recent wish list! Take care!

 What you been wanting this week?

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Saturday Review Week 2.

Hello lovely people, This week was a bit boring in all honesty, But my Dad got my some cute stuff for my bedroom. I'm re-doing my bedroom! I just need a few things then it's done. I baked a love heart sponge cake and I'm gonna make my Boyfriend some cupcakes for Valentines day! It's a shame he's working on it, so I'm just gonna make them early! 

I've been into watching the Big Bang theory, I've started from Season One, Even though I've seen most of them! It's still pretty decent though. I'm going on a night out with my Cousins next week and I can't wait! I aint saw them in months!! I just need something to wear that's not expensive and can ship it to me within two days! Eep!  I've been thinking about dying my hair to ombre, I don't know if it's long enough yet, what do you guys think? Until the next post, Take care!!

All From BnM my Dad got me.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Snowy Daze

Hey lovelies! It snowed over the weekend here, looks lovely (awful to walk in haha) I only took pictures of my back garden because I was kinda busy during the weekend with shopping and whatnot, plus my only boots broke! I was gutted. I really wanted to walk in the park and take pictures, or go to a near by pond, maybe next time hah! I only got a chance to take the snow pictures the first few minutes of the snow setting but it snowed throughout the weekend, it's near enough melted but it still looks cosy while I'm sat looking outside the window!

Did it snow near you? I think it snowed all over the UK! :)

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Saturday Review Week 1.

Hello Lovelies. 
How are you all doing? I'm freezing! It finally snowed today, for hours now and it still hasn't stopped! I love it though, I took LOTS of pictures which I'll upload on a post tomorrow! 
I'm doing a "Saturday Review" Every Saturday and it's going to be what I've been buying, doing or whatever I feel like. :) I went shopping and got some bits and bobs the other day, I've been decorating my bedroom for a while now and all I need is a new carpet and a vanity table.. But things cost so much! I wish I could get a job, I really want to work in Retail but nothing going at the moment, one day!! I'm a bit obsessed with with anything cupcake, I also got a new cupcake cup I forgot to take a picture of!

Top // George@Asda // £10
Cupcake Pillow my Boyfriend got me a while back.

Strawberry Candle // £1 // Pound shop 

Jewellery Stand  // BnM (I think, Around £6? I don't remember!)
Green Storage Box // BnM (I've forgot the price but less than £2!) 
 Cupcake Money Box // Gifted

Thursday, 2 February 2012

I won Barry M Cosmetics Goodies!

Hello Lovelies! I got VERY lucky and won some awesome goodies from one of my favourite make up companies! Barry M! I love their colours, and it's sad because my town stopped selling Barry M and I have to travel out of town to get it (Boo!) So winning these wonderful goodies has made my day!
I love their vibrant colours, ranges of products at wonderful prices! I love bold colours and simple eye shadow so I'm over the moon at what they picked for me. 
All I did was Tweet Barry Himself and I won this, So look out for him on twitter now and again and you might be the next lucky winner, Join Barry M @BarryMCosmetics
Thank you so much Barry M!

Nail Paint "Burnt Orange"
Lip Paint "145"
Dazzle Dust "89"

Nail Paint in "Burnt Orange - 301" // Dazzle Dust in "89" // Lip Paint in "145"

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