Saturday, 26 January 2013

Home Edition; Bathroom Inspiration:

Hello! I just want to say a HUGE thank you to my new followers, you have no idea how much it means to be to see people interested in my posts! Okay, enough with the soppy stuff!
As most of you know I moved out (Nearly 7 months ago!) that was fast! 
Well there is a problem with damp, meaning I couldn't really paint or decorate anything which sucked because I love that kinda thing!
But as I speak the builders are here fixing it! They are just sorting paint out and stuff (Even though I WILL go over it, haha!) But without the money 

I'm on the hunt for bargains! There is only a few things we need for the bathroom because It's so small! We got a new toilet from the landlord, did I mention my land lord is awesome? He fixed all the problems with the house within a week of me asking! 
I don't think any work (apart from a little tiny thing) needs doing in the bathroom.. It's mostly tile and a little bit of wallpaper.. So I was thinking of getting some cute stickers for the tiles to make it look more.. pretty? I'm going for a vintage sea side look, I've always loved it.. so chic and cute! 
I want to paint the over the wallpaper in a sea foam green paint, Add a few shelves and some little sea shells on the wall! I also need a bath mat, We don't have one yet! I've just been using a small hand towel haha! doesn't look pretty at all! I will be hitting the charity shops because I live right over the road from one.. Best to go early though because all the good stuff goes so fast.. Hoping I can find some gems! It's gonna be a few more weeks till the workers are finished with the house, gives me time to save up for bits and bobs, at the moment the house is a mess, it's drive me insane but there is no point in trying to make it look pretty, because they will just make a mess! 
I will keep you guys posted on my home transformation as I go along! if you know any good decor bloggers please let me know in the comments below! :D
Anywho I made a little "inspo" post and wish list. Hope you enjoy!

Have you guys got any money saving tips for bathroom decor? Or any decor if that? Any good shops with good prices? (UK :))

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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Amazing give away @

I've loved her blog for ages now, She's so lovely! She hit her 1500 followers on her blog, and she deserves it, I've spoken to her a good few times on Twitter and I adore her style. You all should follow, and enter her amazing give away! Right HERE! Her very generous give away included Urban Decay's Naked Basics, Essie Polishes and Real techniques Brush Set! So get your yourself to her blog and check it out!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Just a head's up; Amazing give away @!!
She just hit her 500 followers and that's awesome!

The gifts include loads of beauty and other generous goodies! so click this! link to in for a chance to win some awesome goodies! 
Best of luck you lovely people!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Mini Skin Care Haul;

Hello! So all you know by now that I'm on a super tight budget at the moment, so I've been trying to save the pennies and not buy much, if I do I make sure it's cheap, or on offer! It's a pain in the arse sometimes but it has to be done!
My skin has been the WORST! for ages (Since I ran out of my Proactiv booo!) I've been looking for a good replacement, My dad gave my Mam a No7 Voucher (£5 off skin care, £3 off make up!) And I was like "I  need that!" My Mam gave it to me happily haha. Any ways, I ran out of my black head scrub, which lasted me ages! and I needed a new one, I had a browse through town and I popped into the Pound shop and there it was! A black head scrub for a £1! I was a bit unsure it would work with it being really cheap, but I 
thought I'd buy it nonetheless! 

I'll do a quick review now, The No7 Foaming cleanser is amazing, I've only used it once to test it out, to see if it would break me out and it never, Hurrah! Smells so light and amazing, If you guys let me know I'll do a full blog post on it! The blackhead scrub was so harsh on my skin, but that's the whole the point! I can't see any difference, but I've only used it once! It smells like Apricot (Funny enough, it's call Aapri!) 

No7 Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser £9 (with the voucher off I got it for £4!) 
Aapri Blackhead scrub £1 Pound Shop.

Have you lovely people got any budget friendly skin care products you rave about, let me know in the comments below!

Monday, 7 January 2013

New Year Sales; Fashion!

Hey guys!
Nothing beats a good sale! I know I love a bargain! I'm going shopping in a few days, hopefully tomorrow if the weather is nice! Seems all it does is rain, I want summer now! I love the "After Christmas sales" I can't believe Christmas is over and done with, and we are already a week over since New years! It's gone so fast!
Any ways, enjoy my little sale post, hope you enjoy and find some gems yourself!

Have you bought anything in the sales? I'd love to know!

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Friday, 4 January 2013

Review: N-Spa Relax;

Hey guys! I think this is my FIRST product review! Sorry I took so long to post, I had problems with my camera but it's all sorted now!
I got this amazing Christmas gift from my boyfriends mother, I adore it! She always knows what to get me and it's always so lovely of her
I've always loved their products, always smell amazing and make me feel really pampered! 
What is your favorite spa products? 

It came with this awesome purple printed bag, (Which fits ALL my skin care products, it's so big and wonderful material!) Also came with "Calm me body cream" "Calm me bubble float" and "Calm me pillow mist". And a little sponge (I've forgot the other word for them haha!)
 The Calm me body cream is my favorite product in this bag, smells amazing! It really does smell relaxing, glides on the skin wonderfully, makes my skin feel silky smooth! And the smells lingers for hours, most body creams on me don't stay for long but this one does, doesn't make my skin feel greasy! And only takes seconds to sink into the skin, wonderful product! It's perfect for people with dry skin like me, really moisturizers and feels amazing!
 "Soothing Lavender, mandarin and rose infused with amber and patchouli fragrance, create a calming bathing ritual and turn your bathroom into a blissful spa"
 I LOVE this pillow mist, never used one before and this smells amazing, so relaxing, perfect if you have trouble sleeping - I know I do! Only thing is; use a little because when I used it, my pillow was soaking, or do it an hour before you go to bed, apart from that it's a lovely fragrance! It did help me sleep faster than normal and really helped me breathe! (I had a terrible cold at the time).
"Spray into the air and allow the soothing aromas in the pillow mist to leave your mind and body relaxed and ready for a perfect night's sleep.)
 I'm yet to use the bath float, I will edit tonight after I have had a lovely bath this this product! 
I hope you enjoyed this kind of post, and I will be doing more soon! ^^

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy new year!!

All the best for 2013! I can't believe how fast 2012 went! To be honest I didn't really do anything I set goals for! I lose a bit of weight then gained it again with being sick all the time! But hey ho!
Only plans I got for this year is to get a job (PLEASE!) Be healthier and not set myself stupid tasks I can't do!
I want to blog more about beauty, only reason I don't is because I don't buy lots of stuff all the time, But I'm gonna try! It might not be like the rest of the community because I don't have a lot of money (PLEASE I NEED A JOB! haha) I love reading beauty bloggers, I do it ALL the time! I just need to be more patient! 

As for doing OOTD, I will not be doing it until I feel healthy enough in myself, I have no confidence what so ever, and putting myself out there wont help yet! 

I know I don't talk a lot in my blog post, I'm not very good with words even though I'm the biggest blabber mouth in the world, but I'm making 2013 mostly about my blog, I love doing it, I love finding new people to read, it's so so fun and I don't give much of my time to my blog and it's time to!

Hope everyone has an awesome new year, and here is to more bloggin'! 

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