Monday, 19 August 2013

Budget Friendly Red Lipstick (2)

Hey! Long time no chat! How you all doing? Also Hi to my new followers! *Waves*
Here is a simple post on my two fave red lipsticks! 
Hope you enjoy!

I LOVE how this applies, so soft, very pigmented and stays put all evening (Without lip liner) Best thing? Only £2.99 from Superdrug! Down fall? The packaging is lacking! It's a bit "cheap" looking! But that's the only bad thing about this product!

I adore this lip colour, the purple hue in it is just so lovely, Very soft on the lips, lasts all day, I really like Natural collection, I need more lipsticks from them for sure! I know it looks kinda the same with the Miss Sporty colour, but that lipstick is a tad darker! Boots £2.99 The packaging is simple, but that's what I like about it! The white plastic makes the red pop!

Have you lovely lot got any budget friendly lipsticks you would like to share with me? Lipstick if my favorite make up item! 

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Giveaway @

Just a head's up! MissMakeupMagpie is having a HUGE milestone give away and thought I would tell you lovely people.
I've adored her blog for a while now, and love how she ALWAYS comments back on my blog, such a wonderful person!
All the gifts look so amazing!
Click this Milestone Giveaway to enter, good luck guys!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Rimmel Lipstick "Berry Rose"

Hey you lovely lot!
Quick post of a gem I found in my local pound shop! A Rimmel Lippy for £1! Sold, Such a bold colour, bit on the dark side for me but I adore it, so soft and lovely on the lip! Will be amazing for cooler weather! But for now, I toned it down with a lipgloss (Clear) Not in these pictures because I wanted to show you the true colour! 
The colour is Berry Rose, And it stands up to it's name, I love it! And I love a bargain find!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

July Favourites;

Hello lovely people! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! I know it's kinda last but I wanted to start doing month favourites! My first one is mostly skin care related, in the Summer my skin is at it's best so I try my best to keep it that way! Like all my things I buy most of them are budget friendly! Which is always a plus if you don't have a lot of money but love to shop!

Balance me 8 in 1 benefits face cream; From the £1 shop, THIS little product here is amazing, I mean for a pound you can't complain, I use it every time after I wash my face, it has no smell so it doesn't bother my skin at all! makes my face super smooth, also noticed my face isn't as red as normal! Bonus, I give this 7/10! 

T-Zone Blackhead scrub; Also from £1 shop, It's okay, But I haven't really noticed much of a difference, smells like tea tree and cleans well, but I don't think it's doing the job, I'll use the rest of it and see if it works if I use it a bit longer! I give this 5/10

Balance me pure skin face wash; Free in July's issue of Glamour. I Had to get this, I've never got this magazine before, (If you know me, I love reading my beauty and fashion magazines weekly) I knew this was a good brand so was too good to miss out for just £2! It's amazing, not sticky, smells earthly, and natural, cleans my skin so well, I've had no spots since I've been using it, Amazing! 10/10!!

Constance Carrrol Mega Volume Mascara Black; TJ Hughes, around £2.99; For the price, I find this product amazing, coats my lashes, doesn't clump up after one coat, adds length to my lashes and makes them super long! Check out This make up look I did to see this product in action! 8/10!!

Derma v10 Lip care I won this a few months back! Here is the post if you haven't seen it yet! Derma v10  goodies post! I always use this after I've used my Lush lip scrub, does the trick, keeps my lips lovely and soft for hours, doesn't smell nor taste funny, pretty good lip balm! 8/10!

Lush lip scrub in Popcorn, £5.25, First time ever using a lip scrub and can safely say this is my beauty routine staple, my lips are usually very chapped and awful, but since using this my lips are softer than ever, I love the smell and taste of the popcorn flavour, when I finish this I'm gonna try out the rest of them! 9/10!!

L'Oreal Super Liner gel Intenza Violet black; TJ Hughes, around £5! I adore this product  I normally just go for a black but when I saw the deep purple colour I had to have it, I love gel eye liner, it's so easy to use, this also came with a little brush but I don't use it! it's so creamy and only one thing, If you apply TOO much, it will crease with out a eye-shadow primer, so be careful if you have oily lids or hooded eyes like me! 8/10!

Coley & Gill Vanilla and Honey room spray, £1 shop! Oh my word, this smells UHMAZING! I needed a new room spray and came across this, so sweet and lovely, makes my room smell so good, I could spray it all day long haha, I wouldn't go for this if you hate sweet smelly room sprays, but if you do, your in for a right budget treat!! 10/10!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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