Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Fancy Frills;

Hey lovelies! I've saw so much glamorous dresses in my weekly magazines, not much for us plus size girls! So here is a list of my favourites. Nothing like a little glitz in your life.
I've been loving frilly dresses, prom style! So much to pick from I couldn't pick just one!
Fairytale is so on trend with celebs, It's like a Disney movie on the red carpet, it's so cute and sparkly! I love it! Peplum is so on trend right now, also flattering on all shapes, I've never tired it, I think I should! so is purple, navy and peter pan collars, I love them all to be honest, purple is my favourite colour!

What is your favourite fairy tale movie?
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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Everything £5; Top Picks!

Hello! I love a bargain! When I heard about this amazing website in More! Magazine I had to look to see! Only thing I don't like about the website is their is no Plus size range, Apart from that it's so good! I mean EVERYTHING is just £5! It did take me a while to check the site out because it's so so cheap! But it looks good, Hopefully the products don't lack because of the price tag.
There is so much to choose from, but I picked the products that stood out to me!
Has anyone of you ordered from here before? What's the service/products like? :)
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Monday, 13 August 2012

Inspired Style Crush; Blake Lively

Hey hey! how are you all?
I've loved Gossip Girl since it started back in 2008, I believe? I haven't missed an episode yet! I love it, the drama, fashion! I'm sad that they are just making one more season and that's it! It's gonna be sad because I love the show so so much!

Here is the outfit I love, It's so colourful and relaxed and I love the midi skirt so much! (It took me ages to find ANYTHING like the CL Heels in "bollywoody" But I sorta found something a like!)

Which show do you watch and that is about to end? It's really sad when it happens!
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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Inspired Style Crush ; Rachel Bilson

Hey guys! How you doing? I'm doing a "inspired celeb style" - And I've been LOVING Rachel Bilson in "Hart of Dixe" I'm obsessed, Which is weird because I wasnt into the whole OC hype! Any way here is a look for when Rachel Bilson was having lunch with a friend July 28th.
Hope you enjoy this type of post because I'll be doing a lot more! :D


Inspired Style;

What is your fav TV Show at the moment? 
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