Wednesday, 29 May 2013

TRESemme Salon Professional Volume Hair Wand Review;

Hello! I think I've finally got my mojo back with bloggin!
My lovely Mother bought me a curling wand, The TRESemme Volume, I adore it, I know I'm 25, But this is my FIRST curling wand, all the ones I've had have been hand me downs, so this is so big for me, haha!
First off, I LOVE the colour of the barrel, hot pink, I mean you can't go wrong!
It heats up so so fast, it heats up in 60 seconds! up to 200°c! It also has 3 heat setting so you don't burn your hair off! I have to have mine at the highest because my hair doesn't curl that great, falls within ten mins, but with this, it'll last all evening, which is a plus from me! It's also clip less, I hate clip curlers, I find them annoying and all-ways snags on my hair, so this is perfect, comes with a hand glove so I don't burn my hand! I also like that it has a ceramic barrel so it keeps my hair looking shiny! So all in all, This product is amazing, I highly recommend it! The safety stand is a bonus, I have a habit of burning surfaces, so this is good for me!
I'm new with curling wand, so I'm not getting the full effect, but it does give amazing loose curls, I like my curls to be messy, not uniform to add more voom!
Hope my review was helpful! I got mine from ARGOS For £24.91! Link below!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

EBAY Wishlist #4

Hi guys! Just a quick post, seems I aint posted in a long time, I keep feeling very tired, but I'm getting better, Tomorrow I'm reviewing my new curling wand so watch out for that! Anyway, enjoy my wish list!

Friday, 10 May 2013

DermaV10 Cocoa Body Lotion Review;

Hello again! Two posts in one day? Am I feeling ok? Hahaha!
I'm reviewing Dermav10 Cocoa body lotion.
FIRST off it smells so amazing, I could eat the whole bottle if I could, smells totally like chocolate, but not over the top, some smells of chocolate for me causes headaches, but this is such a lovely scent
It's very moistening and rich, like a lotion should, it doesn't leave a white mark on your skin (Only if you apply to much to your skin, but if you do just rub it in a bit more!) You don't need to apply a lot at all, this will last you months on end! I adore it! I highly recommend if you have super dry skin, I don't  but it still works a treat, Even my Boyfriend say's it smells nice on my skin! The lotion makes my skin so soft, I like to apply it after a hot bubble bath! The sent lingers all day long, I can't praise it enough.
It's a very light lotion and sinks into the skin fast, so you don't have to wait around for it to dry like some lotions, so that's a plus from me! 

 If you are a HUGE chocolate lover, and a soft skin lover, I would get this in a heart beat! Website *

DermaV10 Beauty Goodies!!

Hello!! Sorry for not posting in a while, was away visiting the family! 
Last week I got a lovely package from Dermav10, and online store! (DermaV10 Website)
I thought I just won a hair dye! They wanted to send me some of there new items, I was so over the moon and thought that was so thoughtful! I'm reviewing a few of them over the next week or so, I did give some products to my Mam and Sister! So thank you again DermaV10! :)

All the products!

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