Monday, 17 October 2011

Recent Buys!

First off, Sorry I haven't been posting, I've not ran away! I've been really sick. Still am but I'm getting better, When the Autumn and winter comes I always seem to get every bug going at once!
So I've not been out much, but I've bought some stuff recently I thought I'd like to share with you guys! 
This is my FAVORITE season, So I love to layer and where comfy things, A cute simple cardigain is my staple! What is yours?

Bag - Primark I think It was around £8, Not too sure!
Boyfriend Cardigan - George @ Asda £12
Silly Moo Pj Set - George @ Asda £6

So yeah I haven't been buying much, I bought ALL the The Sims 3 games! I'm obsessed at the moment! Just waiting for The Sims 3 Pets, Am I the only 24 year old still obsessing with this game? Please don't say it's just me! :P Hope you are all well, And I will try my best to post more often!

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