Saturday, 2 June 2012

Saturday Review Week 17 & 18;

Sorry yet again, I always seem to be too busy to upload this bugger on time! Anywho, I had such a good week, well two good weeks to be honest, Spent week 17 at the garden centre (Was so HOT!) I got a little colour in me at last, woohoo!
I did the gardening with my parents, had an ice cream and chilled. The rest of my week was pretty chilled, I didn't really do much!

Week 18: I chilled with my boyfriend for two days, We went to the beach! (I got a separate post to come, way too much pictures in here to post more!) We had fish and chips from a cute little cafe at the sea front, It was so lovely! I couldn't move after it! We went to the sea, I love the sea, We where in it for like an hour or so! I had an ice cream and he headed off home. I baked cup cakes today, First time making these ones, Butter cream cuppycakes! They were so light and fluffy! I just noticed, most of my pictures are food!! Jealous? :P

Until next week, Take care!!

Week 18;

From here is week 17;
My aunts poor kitty! She got "done" haha bless her.
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  1. Ahhh I love your pictures, they're so fun and.. yummy! Hahahaha :D

  2. All those desserts look so good!

  3. Your photos always make me so darn hungry! :)

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  5. This post has made me so hungry! :p x

  6. This looks delicious... and colourful. Love it.

    S x


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