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Lush Haul: My Fair Lady Gift Box;

Hello lovely people, I'm gonna try my best and post every other day. I've been slacking, also I want my own .com any ideas how? 
Any way, My lovely boyfriend treated me to some lovely gifts from Lush! (I only asked for two things, he said I could get what I wanted, YAY! I picked the gift box "my fair lady" And I simply adore NEARLY EVERYTHING in it! I also picked up a lip scrub in "Popcorn" which smells (and tastes heheh) wonderful! Review on that will be up tomorrow! Come take a peek to see what's inside my Lush Gift box! 
I had used all but one product Also, The box it came in is so pretty! I'm keeping it for other goodies, I love a good floral print!

Buy it here! or go in to your local Lush store, I got mine cheaper there, (£24.95) :)

 The Olive Branch Smells so clean and fresh, even though it has olive oil in, it doesn't keep your skin oily feeling at all, just squeaky clean! I also used it on my hair (It's for body and hair, I love a good two-in one) I 
simply love this product!

Lush Says - "Fair trade olive oil, fresh mandarins, bergamot oil and vine leaves
We've crammed the whole Mediterranean diet into this bottle – well, all bar the pasta, because that isn't lovely on your skin like the rest
There’s a lot of top quality olive oil in this bottle, but it does like to sit at the top on its own. So, before you use, give it a good ol’ shake to get the oil mixed back through."
. So, before you use 
Charity pot is my FAVORITE item from this gift box, oh the smells is so divine!! I just want to eat it! It's so light and creamy on my skin, dries fast and none sticky! I can smell the chocolate and almond straight away, amazing smell! This hand and body lotion is the best I've tired, and I've tried so many! Top marks! I also love the fact the funds go to charity, 100% Win! When this runs out, I'm defiantly buying it again!

Lush Says - A kind and passionate body lotion that wants to change the world
This is a light lotion that is kind and gentle enough for all ages and all parts of the body. The gentle loose emulsion means this sinks in quickly whilst leaving the skin softly conditioned.
The cream is based on fair trade organic cocoa butter and almond oil, and is combined with essential oils specially selected for their ability to restore and improve the skin – like tagetes, ylang ylang and geranium.  These oils also add a delicate fragrance that works nicely alongside the very chocolatey note that the fair trade organic cocoa butter gives to this lotion."

 Turkish delight Shower smoothie, I'm sorry but soap based products normally don't work for me, leaves me skin kinda dry, and this did I'm afraid, I wanted to love it so bad because Turkish delight is amazing to eat, be to be honest, I didn't even smell a hint of Turkish delight! I didn't lather up like a shower smoothie, I mean it did smell okay, not awful or anything, But this is a no from me.

Lush says "Come up smelling of roses when you use this rich soft soap.
We've captured a whole Turkish rose field in this pot.
Our shower smoothies are a soft blend of soap, that we have packed full of extra moisturizing cocoa butter and almond oil to give a soft texture and a soft cleanse that will leave your body smooth and nourished."

 Buffy body butter, I used this just after shaving my legs, and oh my, made my legs silky smooth! Even though it has ground rice in, it's not harsh at all! Just feels really relaxing! I used it on the rest of my body and I've never has such soft skin in my life! This product is amazing! It's everything I need in a Body butter, gets rid of dead skin, smells wonderful, makes my skin ever so soft after a shower! 

Lush says "Buffs your backside and slays dead skin, leaving you angel soft.
Ground rice, ground almonds and ground aduki beans make Buffy a triple threat to dead skin and lumpy bumpy bits.  They are tough enough to polish away the dead, without being too harsh on your skin. Cocoa butter and shea butter make sure that the skin is left moisturized and dewy soft.  Lavender oil is a great oil for soothing the skin and calming the mind."

 Tiny hands hand serum is the cutest thing ever, Little hand! Haha, I adore this, just rub a little on the palm of your hands, rub together and you get the softest hands ever! Not to mention is smells so fresh and wonderful! Be careful no to use to much on your hands, it can get a tad oily if you use to much! A little goes a long way! I naturally hand soft hands but, this would be amazing if you have dry hands! 

Lush says "Ever wished you had an extra hand? 
Let’s give a big hand for this great performer
We've turned a hand cream into a solid bar, to help dry, cracked, overworked hands. 
We start this product by making a decoction of water, sago and safflower petals to repair and calm the skin. Then to this we add an array of moisturising ingredients; cocoa butter, fair trade shea butter, argan oil and aloe vera extract."

Miranda soap, like I said, I have a hard time with soap so I'm giving my boyfriend this! lucky him huh? I didn't even use it, but it sure looks pretty! Shame! I will give it a cheeky go, but I know it wont work for me, even though it says it's soft on the skin.

Lush Says "Warning! This soap will make you burst into song in the shower. Feel fresh and fruity for the whole day
If you’re the fruity sort, then this is the soap for you! Blended into our Miranda soap are whole fresh kiwi fruits, with exotic fruit and flower essential oils; so you, you, you, you, you, you'll like this very much!"

Hope you enjoyed this post! What is your favorite Lush product?(s)


  1. £25 what a bargain and even better for you as you got in from your lovely boyfriend, lucky you.

    I know what you mean with the soaps I can't use them either but wow the rest of the stuff looks amazing.


  2. Everything looks amazing! I want it too, you have a lovely boyfriend!

    from Brigitte at BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin' | Twitter

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