Friday, 7 September 2012

Birthday Wish List Pt 1;

Hey Lovies, It's my birthday in 2 weeks! This year has gone so fast! almost Christmas! :P 
Any ways I have so much stuff I want/need/lusting for! Here's for wishing!
I'm doing it in two parts also, I need new make up so much so I'll do that post tomorrow some time!
My boyfriends Nana told me to "Get my glad rags on" for this evening, I don't know why! It's a surprise! Hope you lot are having a good day so far! :)

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  1. Thanks! :D I really need a new jacket, Getting colder where I live!

  2. I love your new layout! And that jacket, my friend got a similar one off Ebay for £15! Ahh, my birthdays on the 30th :) Feels weird to be turning 20!

    1. Oh! 20! I can't believe I'm almost 25! I don't feel that old -sob- hope your birthday is amazing when it comes! Oh £15! I need to have a gander!


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