Monday, 24 September 2012

#Passion For Fashion Competition!

Hey lovelies! There is an awesome competition going on over Moneysupermarket and when I heard about it I HAD to enter! Simply go to this link to see what the rules are! You need to be quick because the cut off date is today! (24th Sept) I know I'm late but I only heard of it today! Good luck if anyone enters! and I hope I get a shot! I'd love to win money for new clothes! Who doesn't? :P

I love a good night out, and my favourite colour is purple! (If you didn't notice! :P)
I always think sparkly to stand out, that's why I love the ASOS dress, and it's a good price considering how much it is! I added spikes to toughen it up as I've saw a lot of it on the catwalk and it looks totally awesome!

When I think of outwear, I think "Layer lots" because where I live it's always rainy and cold! I can't believe how cheap the leather bomber jacket is! It's so stylish and will go with everything, this outfit reminds me of a biker girl or rock chic! It's awesome! I didn't add jewellery because the boots speak for themselvs and adds an edge anyway.

First date's outfit should be simple, eye catching and not OTT! You wanna grab that person attention in a playful way, and look elegant at the same time, that's why I picked a lace dress, you can't go wrong with lace! Super classy and I love the blue colour, It's stunning and a bargain!  I don't think you should try so hard to impress so this outfit is spot on for me!

What is not to love about Hello Kitty?! It's the most causal thing ever! I ADORE HK! When I saw this jumper I HAD to add it, The price is super duper affordable and cute! I always add slouchy jeans to a causal look, it's a staple for hanging around the house, relaxing with my favourite fashion magazine!

Office no longer as to be boring! Be playful and don't draw to much attention because your hard at work! Or just browsing the latest outfit ideas! ;) Blazers are the best thing to look smart AND fashionable at work, because you can add it to ANY outfit and get away with it.
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  1. I love those shoes from New Look for casual, I do love the high tops!

    Lovely outfits by the way, this was such a good competition!




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