Monday, 1 October 2012

Newcastle Night out!

Hey Guys! Sorry I've been MIA! I had a lot of trouble with my laptop and I had to get my boyfriend to fix it!
meaning I lost everything and I forgot my passwords and everything! After 3 days I got it all back! Phew! Nearly had to make a new blogger and I wouldn't of been a happy bunny!
Anyway I had an awesome birthday, thank you for all the kind comments! I had a night out with my bf's sister for her bday (her's is a day after mine!) so she invited me out to Newcastle! I had an amazing time, met some lovely people and danced me A off! :P I didn't take a lot of pictures, if you wanna see more visit my fb! The link is on the left :) Hope you are all okay and happy!

Me, Kerri And Emily having a "photoshoot" before we went to get the mini bus!

And again!

Me and Kerri

Woah! Close up of me! :P

Hah me and Kerri again!

Hello poser! ;)
Dress - Newlook - Necklace - Newlook - (shoes you didn't see!) Where Primark black wedges! I was wearing a ring but you couldn't see it! oops! Cardigan - Evans.
Take care!
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  1. Great pics :)

  2. Belated happy birthday to you! I just celebrated mine couple days ago :)


  3. Happy birthday for then! I'm SO glad you enjoyed Newcastle, isn't just fabulous :D I love your dress!!

    Just Smile.

  4. awww looks like you had a great time! you look lovely! :)

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