Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Halloween+Bonfire Night! (pic heavy!)

Hey guys, sorry yet again I've not blogged in a while, Just didn't know what to blog about! I don't spend that much money on clothes or make up since moving so all I can really do is wish list's and to be honest it gets a little boring haha. Hopefully (WHEN) I get a job I'll upload, but for now I'll upload when I do something or might do the odd wishlist! Anyways, I went to a Halloween House party, I went as a Zombie! I didn't go on Halloween, but on the weekend.. With some of my family and friends, I had a blast!They also let some fire works off too! Some of the pictures at the bottom my Boyfriends sister invited us to a bonfire display with the family and kids, Was yummy food and lots of fire works! Was so fun! I know there is loads of pictures but I hope you enjoy! 

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  1. I love bonfire night! and Halloween :)
    Great photos!

    Sarah x

  2. Love the photos, I tried to take some on bonfire night but my crap camera wasn't having it!
    Daniella x


    1. Thank you, and aww that's a shame! I kept missing all the good ones, they're too fast! haha :)


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