Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Winter Wishlist:

Hey hey you lovely lot!
How you all doing? I have a winter wishlist right here for you all!

I love winter because of Christmas! I've already got my Tree and some decorations up! I'm popping to town with my Mother for more, I can never get enough! I was gonna wait till the 1st of December but couldn't stop myself! I saw a few people in my street and bam! I HAD too! I love the feeling of Christmas, all the lights and cute nick naks you can get these days are amazing. Anyone else like me? Can't wait? Haha, I haven't done ANY Christmas shopping yet, bit tight on money with just moving so, Only getting a few for family and that. 
I hope it snows, I know it's not good for people working at Christmas who drive, BUT I think it'll look amazing! It's sure cold enough for it, I'm bloody freezing and all it keeps doing is rain! I don't think it's stopped in days here!

Anyhow, enjoy my little wish list!

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