Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Money Supermarket Passion for Fashion 2;

Hey guys, Just got an e-mail from Money supermarket  and had to enter the second round of #PassionForFashion2 I did it last year, and wanted to do it again, This time you had to do 3 categories. Party, Casual and Beach/Holiday. My fave has to be party, I mean.. come, who doesn't love spikes?!
The outfits have to be less than £200, I found it very easy! Click this link to see all the information 
Good luck, if your doing this please send me your links, as I would love to see it! Any way, here is the low down on all outfits, Enjoy!

I love this outfit so much, the heels are amazing, this is, I don't know if I could walk in them, but I hear they're pretty easy to wear! And at less than a tenner, I'm sold! I love all things spiked, it's so edgy and cool.. I know it's all black, but I think it's best for a night out!

I spend about 90% of my time in casual wear, so this was pretty easy to come up with, I went with a love theme, pretty colours! Converse scream causal for me, And I adore the hearts on them.

I wont be going on Holiday any time soon, and the weather here is crazy! But that doesn't stop me looking at cute beach themed clothes! The anchor ring from ebay is such an amazing find, less than 2quid!! I think this outfit has a retro look to it, I simply love it.


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