Monday, 23 September 2013

No7 Ballerina Beauty Purse! (Won)

Hey hey lovely people! I have a picture heavy post I'm afraid! A few weeks back my town had a little fashion show (I even walked on the cat walk, next blog post haha!!) And No7 where doing testers on the new Stay Perfect Foundation which I won also, You can see it in my last blog post. Because I asked to get matched, I got a good bag! I wasn't even expecting anything so when I had a look in I was shocked! I didn't picture the day cream because I posted that also in my last post!

This is the beauty pure all the goodies came in, so cute!

No7 Fanomenal Eye Palette, Extreme length mascara in Black, Stay Perfect Eye shadow top in Forest Fruits, Moisture Lipstick in Mulberry.

This lipstick is so so pretty on! Super smooth, doesn't dry out my lips, lasts for hours! I love these shades for my lips, super lovely! The pigment is so true to the swatch!

The eye shadow is such a lovely frosted brown/purple colour, glides on the eye well, and that's even with out a primer! I love using this eye shadow on its own, with a simple cat eyeliner, it's such an amazing shade!

Look at how lovely these colours are! such girly and soft colours, You can make so many looks with these four shades, super soft, and I love the mirror in the palate, makes putting my eye shadow on so simple! So elegant! Top marks from me!

I just want to say Thank you very much Boots; (No7 In Hartlepool For these wonderful products, I adore them!) 


  1. Mulberry is my absolute favourite shade at the moment - so funny that you mention it the same day as I do in my September favourites post :o). Xx

  2. That beauty purse is so cute! Looks like you've got some fab products! :)

  3. This eye shadow palette looks lovely - beautiful colours!

  4. This looks great, and as if you got it free! :)


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