Thursday, 14 November 2013

Ebay Wishlist #9

Hello! it's been a while! You know when you just don't know what to blog about and get stuck? Yep! That's me!
I had to a post, it looks like I went AWOL! I'm on lots of courses and been so busy, all I've did is sleep!  Back to normal soon I swear! I got 2 more courses coming up, Friday, All day re-newing my health and hygiene and after that, Two weeks of getting my NVQ in Social care! Wish me luck! So I have not forgot you guys, I'm trying to sort my life out! 
Well this post is simple, I love Ebay and  I need a new going out outfit, I love everything about this outfit, and isn't that clutch just AMAZING?!
Talk and post soon! :)


  1. The clutch really is amazing, and lovely pop of color too, I wonder what other shades they have? Xx

  2. omg i love purple and i absolutely adore skater dresses so that dress is on my lust list!:)


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