Monday, 28 October 2013

My Little life #3&4

Hey you lovely lot!
How are you all?
Sorry I missed one of my little life, I had all that nano-virus and spent most of last week puking and sleeping, was awful! Feel loads better now though! :)
Only Exciting thing that happened last week was my first order from Avon in years (Review coming soon!!)

Last week was so much better! Fianlly got out the house, met up with my best friend and slept over her house, had pizza and some booze, was nice to get out! Also FINALLY got a new phone after having my HTC for years, and I'm in love! I got the Sony Xperia in Red, It's amazing, so fast, I can play games on my phone! YAY! The picture quality is amazing. Over the moon.
Also ordered my Halloween costume on Friday, should be arriving tomorrow! First ever thing I've bought from Ebay, Let's say I'm a little late! But better late than never I say!

I'm going as Zombie Alice, Gonna practice my Make up over my best friends tomorrow, so so excited!
What are you going out for Hallowen? I love Halloween so much! 

So all in all, I had a good two weeks (Minus the sickness) I love my new phone and I love my Halloween costume! I'll upload tons of pictures on Friday, I'm busy All this week so won't be a post up till Friday! I'm on a few days course to better myself for a job! Hope you are all ok! I know I keep missing out on #bbloggers, I've just been sick and a tad busy! 

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