Monday, 7 October 2013

My Little Life #2

Hiii! I know I've missed a few Monday's! Oops! Sorry, I'm back on track now, Life got in the way, I've been full of cold for ages! That's when you know Summer has gone, full blown cold for a week! Lovely.
So what have I been up to these past few weeks? To be honest, not much..
I had a night out with a few friends, My red lipstick went all over and I looked like the Joker from Batman, Fell over and I still have bruises all over, Sign of a good night out huh? I had fun!
Few weeks back, If you follow me on Twitter I won a gift worth £125 from Specsavers, And got some designer glasses! Thing is, Within 2 weeks they broke while I was cleaning them! So I had to pick another because the one's I had where Limited Edition! Either way, I picked another and I adore them! I love the colour, the snazzy sides! They suit my personality so well, I love bright colours!
I haven't really been up to much, But I'm going to Bingo on Friday with friends and a few drinks after! But I'll post that on Monday, I need to stick to a routine! It's getting bad with blog post's!
I reaalllly need my hair cutting, It's been ages, I look after my hair but.. I hate getting it cut! It's the first time in years it's been this long, any one else like that? Can't get it cut because I don't trust hair dressers haha!
I will try and be more eventful this week, I swear I'm not a bore, I just forget to take pictures! 
I will also be doing baking posts once a week, if anyone would like that? Seems like fun!

Until next Monday, take care!

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