Sunday, 18 March 2012

(Late) Saturday Review Week 7 & Primark Haul;

Hey lovelies! How you all doing? 
I'm sorry it's a day late! I thought I couldn't upload pictures to my blog from my Camera because I forgot the lead, then I just remembered I got my Memory card in! silly me! I had an okay week, Nothing much happened really! But I did go to Middlesbrough with my Mother for the day! I didn't really take many pictures which is a shame! I went to look for jobs and some new coloured skinny jeans, I did get some but I have NO idea what to wear with them! (Like a forest green!) I did get some goodies from Primark, Some of their stuff is so cute lately, It's wear I get must of the flat shoes and rings from!
I know I said I was gonna post a picture of my week but like I said, not much going on in my life yet! I did make my mother a mother's day card last night, took me two goes but the second is so cute, I didn't wanna post it on here because, well it's my Mothers! haha! 
The weather looks really lovely today but I want to spend the day catching up with my blog! I love just looking at people's blogs, Fashion blog's are my favourite, if you have any you want to recommend to me, feel free to link me in the comments below! I also love beauty blog's, Arty and anything Cupcake related! I also want a new peach Nail Polish, I'll be looking for some during the week! Any good ones? I've been loving peach lately! its such a soft, lovely colour for Spring/Summer! 
Until next week, take care guys!! 

Two random pictures from the Train to Middlesbrough.

Yum! Starbucks Carmel & Cream Frappuccino!

Primark - Flats; £6 - Scarf; £4 - Boat Ring; £2

If you drink Starbucks, what do you order? :)


  1. Smoggy land! One of my bestfriends goes to uni there :D That is my favourite Frapuccino!


    1. Haha! Small world! I was born there! But moved away when I was younger! And that's the only Starbucks I'll get, soooo nice!! :)

    2. Woah, really is! Me too, I've tagged you on the get to know me post :D You have no excuse not to do one now :D

    3. I'll do it now! :D Thank you for tagging me!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, they feel so soft, But I got the wrong size! Hope I can change em! :)


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