Monday, 5 March 2012

Outfit Ideas For Spring #1

So, I LOVE spring! I love the cool breeze and taking photos at the beach! So expect some photo's soon because I live about 4mins away from the beach! I love the relaxed look in Spring, it makes me so happy! It's still a tad chilly here but it's looking good! Apart from a small shower of snow on Sunday which confused me! No more of that please Mr Weather!!  
I put together some outfit's for spring days, My next outfit ideas will be for night out's, So look out for that!

What is your favourite Season and why?


  1. Oh that cardigan is cute! I love the espadrilles, they make me want to go on holiday :D
    My favourite season is defiantly Autumn, its beautiful! The colour of the leaves and the cooler but warm air, when you can just go out in a cardigan :D

  2. I love your pieces!!
    I would love for you to check out my blog!

  3. You're so lucky for living near the beach! I love going into the surf as well, there's nothing like feeling the water against my skin :) And to answer your question, I like all seasons except for winter. I hate the cold :P

    1. I always forget the small things, the beach near me is huge, but Summer doesn't often get that hot so I don't really go! Which is such a shame! :) And I don't mind winter haha, It seems like it's always winter where I live!

  4. wowww i love your glittery background and this post :)

  5. Like it !! :X

  6. These choices are amazing, I'm loving the gold spring colours! How fabulous!



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