Friday, 2 March 2012

New in: Mini Primark Haul;

Hello my lovely people! How are you today?

I did a little shopping today, I needed a new bag, and I've been loving Primark's bags lately so I got this one! But on my way in these two cute as rings caught my eye and I needed them! They screamed to me! haha. I love girly rings, and the flower one is my favourite. I love a bargain and these are so cute to miss! I need to get some new flat shoes, something cute and eye catching, Because I need some cooler outfits.. The weather is still a bit cold but I can see Spring is gonna be warmer, I can't wait! 

Have you been craving any bargains lately? Let me know so I can snoop! :)

(Nail Polish: ELF - Berry Pink!)
Both Rings £2.

Bag £9


  1. I can't tell you how much I wish Primark was in Australia! So many bargains to be had! Very cute bag :)

  2. bargains! I've only ever been to primark twice!! I need to get there more often!


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