Saturday, 28 April 2012

Saturday Review week 13;

Hello guys! Today has been super stressful for me and my boyfriend, He got made redundant with his job, so he had to move back to his Mothers, Which is sad because it's like an hour or so from me, it's gonna suck because I went from seeing him nearly everyday for 5ish years, to not hardly seeing him a all, it's gonna be super duper hard for me! But hopefully he will find a place with his Brother, they can get settled then I can move in with them, so praying they find a new place soon!!

Well this week wasn't really eventful, Spent most of it helping Le Boyo with packing and moving, had a little sit down this afternoon with my lunch and mags, so I'm chilled just browsing the internetz! I'm gonna watch CSI Miami later, I'm almost up-to-date! I've been watching the episodes in order since Jan! Haha I LOVE IT! 

Until next week, Take care and keep smiling! :D

This is what I do every week, Minus the Heat mag, was outta stock! Boo!!
Egg Mayo! Om nom nom.
My Mam made low in fat scones! I put it with low fat cream and jam! 
Been trying to eat more healthier, Slowly doing it, If I rush into losing weight, I always get bored and end up quitting, if I do it slow I get more results, if you get me? :)
Fragrant Brown Rice, With Breaded Chicken, Salad is Lettuce, Carrots and Radish, I made the dressing myself with, dark soy sauce, rock salt and a pinch of garlic powder, Was really yummy!
Yummy Fab Lolly


  1. Aww, that sucks. Hope you manage to work something out soon xx

  2. Ahh, I'm sorry to hear that! Heat was sold out at my store too :'( I hate CSI: Miami, the ginger man puts me off, not because he's ginger but the way he is in general on it. NCIS's are the ones for me :D

    1. :O! H is my FAVOURITE haha, I don't know why! He's like my forbidding crush, not cos he's ginger, I dont know why! I love NCIS LA, only one I watch and up to date with!

  3. Now I am hungry! Everything looked so yummy!
    I need to eat healthier myself..
    But man I love chocolate :( HAHAHA!
    Great blog! new follower


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