Saturday, 14 April 2012

Saturday Review Week 11.

Hello guys, I'm still very much full of cold, and it's getting worse :(
I cheered myself up this week by baking cupcakes and a key lime pie, I've gave my boyfriend and my family the cold, it's so bad.. I've had it almost 2 weeks and I've tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it. It's getting me so down. Enjoy the pictures of yumminess! Haha. 
Until next time, take care!!

What do you like to bake? 


  1. You've still got it? Sending internet hugs :)
    I've finally got rid of mine but passed it on to my mam and gran. The pie looks so yummy!! Me and my best friend love to make Flapjacks :D

    1. Yeah, My nose will not stop running! Have you got Facebook or twitter? You can add me if you like. :)


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