Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday Review Week 12;

Hey hey! This week has flown by! and it's been raining none stop all week, where has the sun gone?! 
I know it's all about April Showers but geez! Ahaha I always moan when it's Summer it's too warm, but then when it rains it want the sun back! Can't win!
I got rid of my never ending cold, to get a bladder infection so I'm on medication for that, but I'm not gonna let it get to me, Even though today I have been a little grumpy because I didn't sleep AT all all night! Fell asleep at like 8am, Slept till like 2pm so I'm glad I slept at long last! I always get sick in 3's! It's awful but that's life eh! I'm thinking of dip dying my hair but I'm not too sure, I used to dye it funky colours for years then stopped, I haven't dyed it in about a year which is AMAZING for me haha, I aint had my hair cut in so long enough, Since last September! eep.. I don't want it cutting because this is the longest it's been in years! But I know I really need too! I do look after it with a hair mask once a week and I don't use that much heat on it so I guess that helps! 

Rainy days waiting at the bus stop.. I'm sure I heard ducks! haha..

My Cute Teddies, Yes I'm 24 but they are so adorable! 
I love baking cupcakes, So I got this Cupcake tin with cute recipes with it, Can't wait to try them out.

Until next time, take care :)


  1. Hope you feel better soon :) Cute teddies (you're never too old for them) xx

  2. Oh, I constantly have problems with urinary trackt so I know what you're talking about... Hope you feel better soon. :)

    The lamb looks so fulffy. :S

    1. Aww, I'm a bit better now, just a sore tummy! And thank you, I love the little lamb, my boyfriend got me it, she's goes "baah" when you touch her tummy, too cute! :P

  3. Oh no my mams like that I think she has the weakest immune system I know :( Hope you feel better! I am so SICK of this rain, yesterday my street was nearly flooded!

    1. Aw noes! It's like that with my family, I sneeze and the whole of my house is sick! My dad had to get a chest xray with his cold! and he's had it for over 4 weeks now! I feel so bad for him!

      The weather was lovely for like a few hours yesterday, then went too cold the heating was on full whack! Look's like it's gonna rain now, where's summer please?!


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