Saturday, 7 April 2012

Saturday Review Week 10.

Hello lovely people! How you lot doing? SO SO SORRY I've been MIA this week, Yet again I'm ill, full of cold! It's nearly gone but I got this huge headache! I really wanted to do a trend report and wish list but I was just so tired and no energy! 
But I will be doing a wish list Tomorrow for sure! And also doing my every day make up!

SO This week as been fair, I finally got a new vanity/dresser (In the pictures below) and I love it!
My Mam surprised me with it, Only £40 from a Charity shop! Only has like two marks on it, so I can't complain :) I do need some other stuff to finish my room, And I'll post what I need in my wish list tomorrow.

My Dad got me a cute little Hello Kitty Easter Egg, (I ate it last week, oops!) And it came with a cute HK bag (It's for kid's so it's super small, but looks cute right?!)

My sister did my nails in these like sticker form, they were pretty but didn't last very long, All the same I'm gonna buy some more, maybe another kind of one, to see if they last longer than them! I'm not good at painting my nails, I shake a lot and end up messing them up!

I've been spending time with my Dad doing shopping, A good way to get free meals! ahah, I got Fish And Chips from ASDA, I don't really like the service there sometimes, I Didn't ask for Gravy on my Mushy Pea's but she didn't listen! Either way it was SO good, I couldn't finish it, there was soooo much left over! 

ALSO! I got Instagram! woo! I've been waiting for it to go on Android for ages, So happy I've got it! 
If you have Instagram, My user is Juffzz  Add me if you can! :)

Until next time, take care. :)


  1. Ahh get well soon, I've had the cold this weekend too!
    I'm so jealous, I've been wanting Instagram and Temple run for my android and I can't download it! It's SO annoying.
    You have to try Morrisons Fish N Chips way better :P


    1. I Don't like Morrison's, its weird haha, I'll try it just for you though :P

      Why can't you get it, Took me ages to get Instagram because the file is so bloody big, had to delete half my stuff!

    2. Haha. Yay!
      I can't find the app store on the market. I've went through the google help and that. I've either missed something or I'm really stupid.

    3. Might sound stupid but are you spelling it right? :P

    4. Haha! Yup, I'm defiantly spelling it right :) I'll just wait till I get my new phone.

    5. Aww, what phone have you got? It's a shame cos it's awesome! Oh I forgot to ask, where do you live? (creepy lol) Cos you said your mate lives in boro and that's pretty close to me!

    6. I have a HTC Wildfire! Haha, its not creepy :) I live in Newcastle :D :D


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