Thursday, 2 February 2012

I won Barry M Cosmetics Goodies!

Hello Lovelies! I got VERY lucky and won some awesome goodies from one of my favourite make up companies! Barry M! I love their colours, and it's sad because my town stopped selling Barry M and I have to travel out of town to get it (Boo!) So winning these wonderful goodies has made my day!
I love their vibrant colours, ranges of products at wonderful prices! I love bold colours and simple eye shadow so I'm over the moon at what they picked for me. 
All I did was Tweet Barry Himself and I won this, So look out for him on twitter now and again and you might be the next lucky winner, Join Barry M @BarryMCosmetics
Thank you so much Barry M!

Nail Paint "Burnt Orange"
Lip Paint "145"
Dazzle Dust "89"

Nail Paint in "Burnt Orange - 301" // Dazzle Dust in "89" // Lip Paint in "145"


  1. How pretty! What a great prize. Congratulations.

  2. congratulations dear!!!
    i have never won anything!!! :(

    I love barry m nail polish and I bought about 5 bottles recently :)



  3. Oh how lucky, that pink polish is gorgeous!

  4. Total lovely nail polish. I just discovered your blog, from Anabelle Fleur, nice blog and you have a new follower =).

    XOXO from Munich

    La Vie Quotidienne

  5. Love your nails.

  6. Congrats on winning these!
    I adore the nail color :)

    Stop by sometime, Natalie xo


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