Saturday, 4 February 2012

Saturday Review Week 1.

Hello Lovelies. 
How are you all doing? I'm freezing! It finally snowed today, for hours now and it still hasn't stopped! I love it though, I took LOTS of pictures which I'll upload on a post tomorrow! 
I'm doing a "Saturday Review" Every Saturday and it's going to be what I've been buying, doing or whatever I feel like. :) I went shopping and got some bits and bobs the other day, I've been decorating my bedroom for a while now and all I need is a new carpet and a vanity table.. But things cost so much! I wish I could get a job, I really want to work in Retail but nothing going at the moment, one day!! I'm a bit obsessed with with anything cupcake, I also got a new cupcake cup I forgot to take a picture of!

Top // George@Asda // £10
Cupcake Pillow my Boyfriend got me a while back.

Strawberry Candle // £1 // Pound shop 

Jewellery Stand  // BnM (I think, Around £6? I don't remember!)
Green Storage Box // BnM (I've forgot the price but less than £2!) 
 Cupcake Money Box // Gifted


  1. Mini eggs are definitely the best! So glad they're back in the stores!
    The top is cute too.x

  2. I really need to check out asda, looks like they've got some beauts in!


  3. cute pics=)

  4. Nooom sweeties. I love your blog missy :)


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