Saturday, 25 February 2012

Saturday Review Week 4.

Hello lovely people! how we all doing? I'm great! The weather is getting warmer (Sort of) and I can hear the birds chirping away happily. :) As you may know I've been doing bits and bobs in my room, and I got these lovely light up flowers that I put around my mirror! It's so cute, I got it from BnM, I don't normal go there but lately I've been obsessed with buying cute stuff for my room! good quality at a low price, Can't beat it!
I haven't been up to much this week, some old friends got in touch with me which was nice! had a good old chat with them.. :)
I've been looking for a Vanity table for months, I will find one! I want a vintage looking one, with a build in mirror but not £10000 to get one! Haha, I have been hitting the charity shop but most of the Vanity tables are really worn and old.. But I'm gonna keep looking for one! The wii fitness is going good, But I don't trust the scales on it, First time I stepped on it, it said I gained 14, then the next I lost 14 or something, Which is strange! But I'm still doing it.. It's so fun! Got my sister playing too.  So sorry it's another boring week for me! Next week will be better when I have money! I want to try Nando's (I'm sad to say I've never been!)
Until next time, Take care!

Flower lights - £3.99 - BnM


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