Monday, 6 February 2012

Snowy Daze

Hey lovelies! It snowed over the weekend here, looks lovely (awful to walk in haha) I only took pictures of my back garden because I was kinda busy during the weekend with shopping and whatnot, plus my only boots broke! I was gutted. I really wanted to walk in the park and take pictures, or go to a near by pond, maybe next time hah! I only got a chance to take the snow pictures the first few minutes of the snow setting but it snowed throughout the weekend, it's near enough melted but it still looks cosy while I'm sat looking outside the window!

Did it snow near you? I think it snowed all over the UK! :)


  1. Nice...

  2. Your garden looks so lovely, it did snow here too! I was so excited :)

  3. wow it looks lovely! jealous of the snow!

  4. Oh how I love the snow! :)
    That being said, I'm the biggest pansy in it and often stay in bed on cold wintery days.

  5. Hi!! Nice photos ;p

    I invite you to comment on my blog ^.^

    Kisses ;**

    Nadine ;*

  6. No snow in Edinburgh (yet!) - seems to weird to be the only ones without it! x

  7. It did snow and it's still snowing, I am tired of it and want spring to come ! =)
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