Sunday, 19 February 2012

A late Saturday review!

Oops! I'm a tad late on this! I was busy yesterday! I need to focus on my weight because it's getting out out of control, I'm not gonna say how much I weigh yet.. Because it makes me feel disgusted on how much I weigh, But my Mother got me the wii fit plus yesterday, I really need to lose weight for myself because I'm sick of feeling bloated, tired and just awful.. I know how much I need to lose but it's gonna take time.. Which I don't mind aslong as I lose the weight and be fit, at my age I shouldn't be tired walking round the corner!
I know in past blog post I said I was gonna start in Jan, I'm late on that but at least I'm gonna do it now.

Has anyone got tips? healthy meals and snacks? I'd love to know!


  1. love it!!

  2. I know this is really weird but I think we used to be friends years ago haha. I recognised your name after you left a comment on another blog. Small world!

  3. Oh god Laura! I remember you! Tis a small world!

  4. I was hoping I had the right person, haha. Do you want to swap emails/numbers and have a chat?

  5. Yeah sure, my e-mail is
    You got Fb? :)

  6. I love the wii fit! It really does properly work, and the best part is that it makes it fun.
    My only health tip, and one that I should probably take up myself is just drink tonnes of water. I do it when I feel hungry to stop me snaking, as most of the time it's my body telling me to hurry up and drink! Haha
    Hope you have fun, do the hooping! :)


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